Global Education Model (GEM) Program

Exemplary Programs Application

This program is currently on hold as we update it.  Check back for more information or look for it to come in your email. 

The information below is from the first version of GEM and is provided as information; updated details will be posted as soon as they are available.

Does your high school have an exemplary world language program?  The Professional Language Association of Nevada (PLAN) is seeking to identify and publicly recognize excellent world language programs across the state.

The PLAN Nevada Global Education Model (GEM) Program is not a competition. All high schools (public, private, charter) that apply and meet the criteria will receive an award and will be featured on the PLAN website and in our publications. Exemplary Nevada world language programs are recognized at four levels: Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby.

To qualify, a high school must:
• meet or exceed a specified number of program indicators as noted in the Nevada GEM Program Application,  
• have at least one PLAN member on their staff for the year 2021-2022,
• and complete the Nevada GEM Program Application forms and submit the required supporting documentation. 

GEM Program applications are due on or before October 29, 2021 for 2021-2023 awards.

Directory of GEM Schools in Nevada

Diamond Award – Spring Valley High School, Las Vegas, NV (2020-2022)

Diamond Award – Incline High School, Incline Village, NV  (2018-2020)

Diamond Award – Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, Las Vegas, NV (2018-2020)

Sapphire Award – Galena High School, Reno, NV (2018-2020)

Emerald Award – Northwest Career & Technical Academy, Las Vegas, NV (2018-2020)

Ruby Award – Sandy Valley High School, Sandy Valley, NV (2018-2020)

The PLAN Nevada GEM Program Committee thanks the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association (PSMLA) for the inspiration and aid in developing this state initiative. Their generosity and support has been invaluable.

Please email Anna Cicak at for further information on the application process.